Scheduled to Launch September 2021

PRONTO is the new regional fare collection system that will give our riders new and easy ways to ride transit. Everything will be new: ticket vending machines, website, mobile app and more. Best of all, the new functionality will make the rider experience even better than before. It guarantees that you will always get the best-possible fare without buying products in advance! And everything is in real time. There’s no delay in managing your PRONTO account.

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Easy to Buy

You'll be able to buy PRONTO cards at ticket vending machines, the Transit Store & Customer Service Centers, and through a growing retail outlet network.

Or...Buy Monthly

Still like the convenience of paying for a monthly pass in advance? PRONTO does that, too!

Pay As You Go

Tap as you ride and one-way fares will deduct from your account. Never pay for more than a day pass in one day or a monthly pass in a month. (COASTER requires payment in advance for monthly passes.)

Make It a Family Thing

Add multiple cards to your account to add money for the whole family all at once.

It's on Your Phone

You don't even need a PRONTO card. Use your smartphone as your card with the PRONTO app and scan your account barcode to ride.

Add Money Instantly

Add money to your account on the go with the mobile app, the website, or by topping off at one of the many retail outlets. Your added money is ready for use immediately!


Can I still buy a monthly pass?

You sure can! Monthly passes are still available to buy if you'd rather not earn it via taps.

How do you earn passes?

Every time you tap or scan, the appropriate one-way fare is deducted from your PRONTO balance (not applicable within the two-hour free transfer window). Each day, you'll never pay for more than a day pass ($6 Adult, $3 SDM/Youth) in value. Each month, you won't pay for more than a monthly pass in value ($72 Adult, $23 SDM/Youth). COASTER fares do not apply to your daily or monthly caps.

Where are the retail outlets?

We're working with retailers around San Diego County to give riders easy access to purchase new PRONTO cards. The retail network will be adding new outlets throughout the year for a final network of hundreds of locations.

I am a reduced fare rider. Do I need to re-register?

We're working hard to seamlessly transition existing reduced fare riders to the new system. Keep an eye out for communications in July and August for instructions on how to transition your reduced fare eligibility from Compass to PRONTO. (For new reduced fare riders - we will have an online process for most reduced fare riders!)

How will the transition from Compass Card to PRONTO work?

PRONTO is currently scheduled to launch September 1, 2021, with Compass products no longer being accepted after September 30, 2021. MTS and NCTD will have lots of opportunities for riders to pick-up a new PRONTO card, or get the new PRONTO mobile app in August and September. Stay tuned for more details!

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Transition Information

MTS and NCTD are making it easy for you to say Goodbye Compass and Hello PRONTO.

  • We’ll be at transit stations handing out free PRONTO cards
  • New PRONTO cards will be mailed to people who have a registered Compass Card account
  • Look for pop-up events at our new retail partners
  • Our partners in employer and social service programs will get cards well in advance
  • Community Based Organizations will help us spread the word

We're in a critical testing phase of the system now, and currently anticipate turning on PRONTO in August. 

You can visit The Transit Store (1255 Imperial) or NCTD Customer Service Centers now to register your Compass Card, and receive a PRONTO card in the mail in time for launch! 

You can also call our Compass Card Call Center at 619-595-5636 to register your card.